Dignified Memorial Spaceflight

The final frontier is an exceptional place to honor and celebrate the life of someone you love. Elysium Space offers awe-inspiring memorial spaceflights to have a symbolic portion of a departed's ashes launched into space. Our specially designed memorial spacecraft respectfully and peacefully orbits the Earth for several months. Family and friends follow this journey through the stars using our beautiful mobile app, which shows in real time the spacecraft location and how the world looks from this majestic place. Eventually, in a last poetic moment, the spacecraft harmlessly reenters the Earth's atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star. Elysium Space is concerned by the space environment and does not create orbital pollution.

We exclusively contract with the most reliable commercial space transportation companies. Our spacecrafts are launched along with prime commercial and scientific satellites. Launches take place in the United States at the Cape Canaveral launch facility in Florida. This fantastic and unique event will be webcasted and we will provide a professionally produced video as well. Moreover, participants are welcome to join us at the launch viewing event and celebrate while watching the rocket reach the final frontier. All memorial spaceflights include a service guarantee: in case of failure, we will reschedule your flight to our next launch opportunity at no additional cost.

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