Elysium Space launches affordable space burial services in Japan


The San Francisco-based company Elysium Space, Inc. is announcing today the opening of its memorial spaceflight service in Japan. At just $1,990, Elysium Space is making space burial affordable for everyone.

“The final frontier is an exceptional place to celebrate the life of someone you love”, says Thomas Civeit, founder of Elysium Space and former NASA engineer. Prior to founding Elysium Space, Mr. Civeit worked on major space missions and received multiple NASA awards for his work.

Elysium Space is offering the world’s most affordable memorial spaceflight service to have a symbolic portion of a departed’s ashes launched into space.

Elysium’s spacecraft orbits the Earth for several months, during which friends and relatives can follow its journey through the stars using the free Elysium mobile app.

Eventually, in a last poetic moment, the spacecraft harmlessly reenters the Earth’s atmosphere, blazing as a shooting star. Elysium Space is concerned by the space environment and does not create orbital pollution.

The next launch is scheduled for Summer 2014 and spaceflight booking is already open at www.elysiumspace.com

About Elysium Space
Elysium Space, Inc. offers the world’s most affordable space burial services. Its unique team of space and funeral experts combines experience from major NASA space missions and deep-rooted funeral profession knowledge. Elysium Space is named after the Greek mythology afterlife realm: Elysium, where the righteous and the heroic remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life. The company, founded in 2013, is dedicated to offer awe-inspiring celestial services to the world and celebrate the significance of lives that have been lived with dignity and honor. It has its main office in San Francisco, California and representation in Tokyo, Japan.

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