Introducing the Elysium Space Columbarium

On Earth, a columbarium is a place offering multiple niches for the respectful storage of cremation urns. Fine examples of these are the columbaria in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, Golders Green Crematorium in London, or the architecturally renowned Columbarium of San Francisco, where Elysium Space is based.

As the time has come to lift our eyes up and look to the stars, the Elysium Space team recreated the same respectful place for the ash capsules travelling into space. The Space Columbarium, as we like to call it, was born.

The Space Columbarium is securely attached to the spacecraft structure and consists of multiple square-shaped modules. Each module offers 60 individual niches, each holding one ash capsule, and is tightly closed before integration into the spacecraft.

All components of the spacecraft have been designed and are engineered for the space environment. The structure and capsules are made of space-grade anodized aluminum alloy and the modules from high-tech Windform XT material. All have passed NASA screening to fly into space.

As with everything at Elysium Space, we took great care in the design and development of our memorial spacecraft in order to provide a safe, secure, and respectful vehicle for carrying its exceptionally precious cargo into the final frontier.