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Elysium Space on The Space Show

The Space Show and Dr. David Livingston welcomed Brett Stroozas, Elysium Space Director of Flight Operations, to the 90 minutes program (aired on April 14th, 2014) to discuss the company. Brett went over Elysium Space services and marketing to both customers in the U.S. as well as Japan where cremation is the common thing. Read […]

Launch your loved one into heaven, or at least their ashes

Instead of giving your loved ones a traditional burial, why not send them off in style with a memorial spaceflight? That’s the vision of Elysium Space, a company that aims to launch portions of cremated human remains into space. Under Elysium Space’s plan, human ashes will launch into space and orbit the Earth for several […]

Out of this world! From ashes to an afterlife in space

Whether you want your ashes scattered, cremated or safely stored in an ornamental urn, there are dozens of ways to plan your final passage. But shooting them into space is definitely new on the list. Elysium Space, a privately-owned new business that launched in 2013, may not be able to shoot you off to Mars […]

Sending Your Ashes into Space Just Got a Lot Cheaper

Want to host a burial that’s out of this world? There’s an app for that. Established in 2013, Elysium Space — named after the state of perpetual happiness in Greek mythology (and not after the eponymous Matt Damon movie) — is offering to send people’s ashes to space for $1,990, Gawker reports. The “Memorial Spaceflight […]

Memorial Spaceflight Orbits Remains for $1,990

If burial or cremation just doesn’t seem special enough to honor the death of a loved one, one company is offering the unique option of sending a loved one’s remains into space. The Elysium Space company allows people to send a portion of their loved one’s remains into orbit. Customers can deposit a portion of […]