Launch Schedule

Launch Schedule

The Elysium memorial spacecraft is launched along with much larger commercial or scientific satellites. The latter drive the schedule as they are the primary payloads carried by the launch vehicle. Our spacecraft is a secondary payload, which is manifested to an existing launch offering the option to deploy smaller satellites.

Rocket Launch

Our dedicated team is constantly working to find the safest launch opportunities in the United States (most likely from Cape Canaveral, FL, Vandenberg AFB, CA, or Wallops, VA). Please keep in mind that the launch can be delayed for a number of technical reasons, which are outside the control of Elysium Space.

Upcoming Launches

Mission Celestial Service Date Reservation
Star 3 Shooting Star Memorial TBA Closed
Lunar 1 Lunar Memorial 2021 Open

For all services, reservations are open until a couple of months before the integration of the spacecraft into the launch vehicle. The number of participants is limited by the spacecraft capacity and reservations will be on a first come first serve basis. We therefore strongly advise you to book your spaceflight as early as possible.

Launch History

Mission Celestial Service Date Status
Star 2 Shooting Star Memorial Q4 2018 Success
Star 1 Shooting Star Memorial Q4 2015 Did not reach planned orbit

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